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Firework Disposal

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

We hope everyone had a fun and safe celebration for their 4th of July gathering.  With Independence Day now over, you may have some left-over fireworks.  It is important to take note of safe handling and proper storage of any unused fireworks.  The brands, types and styles may all be different and unique.  You should always follow the directions listed on the manufactures label.  Unused fireworks can pose a fire danger to your home, garage, shed, outbuildings, etc. if not properly stored or discarded in a safe manner.  Fireworks can ignite or detonate from their environment by means such as static electricity or a sharp blow (force).  The State of Michigan offers some safety tips on proper disposal of unused fireworks if you do not have the storage area to properly store them.,9349,7-385-90161-562917--y_2020,00.html

Please take a moment to educate yourself on these simple steps to help prevent a fire hazard in and around your home. 

Insurance Coverage

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

In light of the water damage caused by recent rainstorms across southeast Michigan, we want to encourage you to review your insurance policy regarding water intrusion in your home.  Not all types and sources of water intrusion may be covered.  What we sometimes assume as homeowners or think we understand is included in our insurance coverage may not be so cut and dry.

A few ways water damage can occur are via a sewer backup, overflowing appliance, burst pipe, foundation crack or roof leak.  Options may be different if you own, rent or lease.  You may also have different options if your dwelling is a singe family, multi-family, condominium, or apartment. Your home, its location, construction, and surrounding properties are unique to you.   

Make an appointment with your insurance company to review your homeowner's insurance policy and coverage regarding water and flood damage. 

Rainstorm Flooding

7/1/2021 (Permalink)

When you ask Why SERVPRO?  The answer is: We are here for you both locally at our SERVPRO of Livonia office and nationally with our SERVPRO Storm Team. 

The storm event over the weekend caused flooding at a level that was unprecedented for our area.  Homeowners and business owners that have not seen flooding in 30+ years found themselves inundated with water.  This was a sad, and in some cases tragic storm event.  We worked nonstop to take you calls and get the SERVPRO Storm team dispatched to your location.   

SERVPRO of Livonia and the SERVPRO Storm team is still working hard to service our customers.  This level of damage and the number of homes and businesses effected will take time to recover.  Some locations are waiting for power to be restored and may need additional assistance.  If possible, check on any of your neighbors that are elderly or could need assistance.   

We are glad you chose SERVPRO of Livonia and together we will get through this. 

Commercial Emergency Plan

6/11/2021 (Permalink)

Does your business have an emergency plan in place in the event of a water loss?  Unfortunately, this is sometimes considered only after the devastation of a burst pipe or water backup.  When standing water is discovered, what is done in the first minutes and steps taken are crucial.     

Let us at SERVPRO of Livonia help you develop a plan of action.  The plan we can help develop for your business is specific to your facility.  This is a service we provide at no cost to you.  Having this free emergency plan in place can potentially save you time and money in the event of a water loss.    

Call us today for more information and let us know you are interested in us developing your business's personalized emergency plan.  

SERVPRO of Livonia 734-744-8104 

Power Outages

6/9/2021 (Permalink)

Severe weather can also include extreme heat.  When temperatures rise the amount of power consumed to keep us cool in our homes also rises.  This can put a strain on the power grid and may result in short term or long-term power outages.  Remember, it may be dark when you lose power.   

Be Prepared for a Power Outage: 

1. Keep Basic Supplies on Hand

~Flashlight, Batteries, Canned Foods, Manual Can Opener, Bottled Water, Cooler

2. Location of your Supplies

~Know where your supplies are.  

~Flashlight location should be easily accessible and on each level of your home. 

3. Do’s and Don’ts 

~Do call and notify the power company of the outage and possible recovery time. 

~Do remember you can use your vehicle for a power source to charge your cell phone. 

~Do not open your refrigerator or freezer if possible. 

~Do not leave any candles or open flames unattended. 

These simple tips can help keep your family prepared when the power is out.

Reviews Wanted!

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

We value the reviews posted by our customers.   In the unfortunate event of a fire or flood we want to help guide you through the mitigation and restoration process to assist in making it as seamless as possible.  The care and customer service we strive to provide is evidenced by your personal experience with our SERVPRO team.  Sharing this experience is important to help us grow together.  Our employees look forward to reading each customer’s service posted review.  Potential customers also find reviews helpful to know SERVPRO of Livonia will be attentive to their individual situation.  

Please take a moment to submit a review on one of our social media platforms like Google and Facebook listed below. 



We look forward to reading your Review! 

Thank you, 

SERVPRO of Livonia Team 

Fire up the grill NOT your home

5/23/2021 (Permalink)

Grill House Fire Damage

Those of us who enjoy a delicious meal cooked outdoors, it is that time of year. Knowing a few safety tips can keep your meal time a good one and help prevent a house fire. 

There are many methods for cooking outside such as Gas grill, charcoal grill, smoker and hibachi to name a few. Each method comes with it’s own safety recommendations.  It is important to read the proper use and safety tips that come with it. 

To help prevent catching your home on fire and staying safe while cooking here are a few tips: 

Place your grill a safe distance from your home 

Never leave your grill unattended  

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand 

Keep children at a safe distance 

Only use the proper starter fluid or ignition method to ignite the flame 

Clean your grill before and after use 

Posting these few tips near where you grill can serve as a reminder to grill safely. 

Air Duct Cleaning

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

Air Duct build-up over time

Maintaining cleanliness in your home's ventilation system is important. Indoor air quality can be negatively affected by buildup of dust, mold and other particles in the air ducts. 

It is good practice to have the air ducts professionally cleaned once or twice per year. The optimal times are fall and spring seasons. The fall is a good time to have a nice clean HVAC system before you close your home up to keep the winter cold out. 

When spring arrives we open our windows and let in all of the fresh air along with pollen and allergens. In addition to these, the air ducts can already have buildup of dust accumulated over the winter season. Having the air ducts cleaned at this time will help remove these and improve the indoor quality of your air.

SERVPRO franchise professionals are here to help and offer services to maintain good indoor air quality.

Clogged Gutters

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

Clogged gutters cause overflow when it rains

Water from outside your home can find its way inside if your gutters are not cleaned.

What clogs gutters?

Last year's fall leaves, springtime pollen, seed pods, tree debris are among a few.

How water find its way inside my home? 

When clogged gutters overflow water can run down along your home's exterior walls and pool up at your foundation.  If your foundation has defect such as a crack, no matter how small, water can potentially find its way in. 

How can I help prevent this?

Routinely clean have your gutters cleaned.  This includes the gutters secured to your roofline and all downspouts.  If you have a French drain system, the underground drain should be flushed as well. This can be done with a water pressure or air pressure, whichever is recommended for your type of drainage system.

Water is On keep it Out

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

Water leak in need of repair

Spring is here! The weather is warming up and you probably opened the valve to allow water to flow to the outdoor spigots.  Hoses are hooked up and sprinklers are watering the law and gardens.   

It’s time to start a routine to inspect your hoses, spigots and sprinkler systems for potential leaks, cracks and defects. This is not just important to help avoid that surprise high water bill, but to also help avoid that surprise basement flood. 

Just like an overflowing gutter can cause water to pool around your foundation, so can water pooling from your home use water systems.  Finding the right solution to prevent water damage to your home is important. Issues you may encounter can be rectified by something as simple as replacing your garden hose or a more involved problem that could require a professional plumber.  

Take the first step and inspect your homes exterior water sources and equipment.