Water Damage Photo Gallery

Burst Pipe

This pipe was the result of an unheated crawlspace. This pipe was not insulated and in extreme weather conditions we have here in Michigan winters, the water in the pipe froze. Remember to insulate walls and the pipes themselves to prevent burst pipes. 

Water Damage to Furniture

In a short amount of time water and floods can cause severe damage. Water quickly invades a space, absorbing into flooring, drywall and furniture. There are many ways to minimize water damage to furniture. Placing furniture on an upper floor or on blocks and pads (about a foot off the ground) will help to distance items from the water. If the furniture isn’t able to be raised, attempt to wrap items in plastic to create a barrier.

Water Damage from Fridge Water Line

This is a photo of water damage from the water line of a refrigerator. The water had leaked behind the refrigerator and had gotten under the wood floor. This caused damage to much of the wood floor, as the wood started to curl up. The family noticed the damage due to the wood about 3 feet from the fridge. 

SERVPRO Advantage

Water can travel and move in ways not easily visible. In order to do our best job for you, we use advance monitors, cameras and other high end equipment to make sure we don't miss a thing. We have infrared cameras which show us the water damage within the drywall. This allows us to concentrate our restoration efforts.